Head Lice

Head lice are a maddening dilemma for parents, children, teachers, camp counselors and other child care professionals. Everyone who has experienced the frustration of trying to delouse children, bedrooms, clothing and entire households, knows what a daunting task it can be.

The incidence of head lice in children, especially ages 3-10, has skyrocketed in recent years. Most adults lack the time and/or skill to complete the painstaking, repeated head checks necessary day in and day out to remove lice and prevent their recurrence.

To complicate matters, lice often resist over-the-counter treatments. Those treatments also can contain chemicals harmful to human skin. Meanwhile, lice spread like wildfire through families, schools, and anywhere people congregate regularly.

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The Bug-a-lugz Solution

Bug-a-lugz is the Bay Area’s answer to delousing, providing comprehensive solution to the age-old problem of head lice. We provide not only expert diagnosis and meticulous physical removal of lice and nits, but also follow-up prevention. We have a full product line for use at home to make sure lice stay away.

Our products have been developed in Berkeley, California in cooperation with highly respected microbiologists. They have been clinically tested for both toxicity and for skin irritation by a well known laboratory in Southern California. All of our products have been deemed safe when used as directed. Bug-a-lugz products contain a proprietary blend of essential oils and other natural products which aid in the removal of lice. Our products are not pediculosides. None of our products kill lice. When used as directed in combination with the meticulous, physical removal of the eggs, nymphs and adult lice, they are effective in eliminating an infestation. We’ll leave no louse behind! Call us at (415) 383-2849 for an appointment, or more information.

What is a louse?

A louse (singular of lice, as mouse is to mice) is a tiny insect that feeds on human blood, which they get through the scalp.

How does one get lice?

Lice are transmitted from human to human through casual contact. They can live up to three days without a human host.

If one person in my family gets lice, should we all get treated?

Yes! Even one louse or egg that survives a treatment can infest your entire family. At Bug-a-lugz, we provide you with all the information, products and support to prevent recurrence.

My child is very active, I’m afraid she won’t sit still for treatment.
We’ve got you covered. Even spirited kids love our bright and cheerful atmosphere, where there’s plenty to entertain and engage them while our trained technicians check for and remove those pesky “bugz.”

Why do you prescribe home treatment, isn’t the one visit enough?

To understand how our treatment works, it’s necessary to understand the reproductive cycle of the bugz. An adult louse may live on a human scalp up to 30 days, and may lay as many as 100 eggs, all attached firmly to the hair shaft. Those eggs hatch new lice in a week to ten days, and in another week to ten days, start laying more eggs. Our complete treatment protocol takes all this into account. We guarantee our treatment for two weeks. However, lice may come back if you are re-exposed. If this should happen, you’ll be prepared with our products and ongoing support and services.

Are lice dangerous?

Aside from their peskiness, all available research concludes that lice transmit no known diseases

Can’t I just use over-the-counter products and be done with it?

Everyone wants the quickest, safest, most convenient treatment to deal with head lice. Most over-the-counter products contain harsh, toxic chemicals, and are often not efficacious. The most reliable solution for treating head lice involves the manual removal of the lice and the eggs and nymphs they produce. There really are no short cuts if you want to achieve the only result that counts – a clean, louse-free head. We offer the convenience of performing the whole process for you, and prescribing a follow-up protocol to ensure the bugz won’t return!

The Bug-a-lugz Method includes our own proprietary formulas that we developed especially to be safe, non-toxic, and the most effective we’ve seen. Plus, we offer the convenience of performing the whole process for you, and prescribing a follow-up protocol to ensure the bugz won’t return!

Why take preventative measures?

If you have been exposed, or even think you have, some simple, brief preventative measures now, and regularly throughout the period of a lice alert at a school, for example, can save hours of hassle down the road. You can rest easier when your child’s playmates come over, or you have a gathering at your house, knowing you won’t be spreading bugz to your friends!

Can animals be carriers of lice?

No—head lice infest only humans. Lucky us! Well, at least we don’t harbor fleas.

Louse-y Glossary

Bugz – Bug-a-lugz’ own term for lice
Human Head – a louse’s one and only home!
Louse – singular of lice—refers to just one of the bugz
Lice – more than one louse. Tiny insects that live in the human scalp and feed on blood
Nit – a louse egg, or the shell of an egg left by a hatched louse
Nymph – a newborn louse
Pediculosis – the clinical term for head lice
Pediculus Humanus – the Latin, or scientific name for lice