Bug-A-Lugz’s Founder, CEO and President is Sharon Lindley. Sharon moved from her native home of Scotland in 1991 to San Francisco. As a world traveler and hair stylist, she worked in the hair industry for more than 22 years, including Hong Kong, and Sydney Australia.

Her personal experience with her family’s infestation of head lice nearly drove her to distraction. It was that experience that led her to establish Bug-a-lugz Delousing Salon’s Headquarters in Mill Valley and now in San Francisco. Having dealt with head lice herself, she knew firsthand what a frustrating problem it was. After trying unsuccessfully for 5 weeks with over-the-counter toxic and natural options that weren’t working, her expertise in hair finally took her to the next level — to develop a safe non–toxic approach to head lice. Sharon worked closely with microbiologists Libby Labs in Berkeley CA to develop her very own all-natural, non-toxic products, using a blend of essential oils and key ingredients to repel and effectively treat head lice. Come and relax in one of our Private Room Salons and let our highly trained professionals take the stress out of the problem for you.

Bug-A-Lugz Salons are franchising in all areas of the USA. More Information